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Check Recovery Services

Electronic Check Re-Presentment (RCK)

Credit Bureau Data’s Check Re-Presentment Service (RCK) is an automated, consumer friendly, electronic process to collect returned checks. And it's FREE! This service combined with our Check Verification Service provides a cost effective check management system.

Quick Facts:

  • No charge to you!
  • Allows you to focus on your core business.
  • Your bank mails us all your returned checks. We re-present them up to two times electronically through the Automated Clearing House (ACH).
  • You are paid 100% of the face amount of the check upon collection. Funds are remitted on a weekly basis.
  • Credit Bureau Data’s in-house collection service is included on checks not recovered during the re-presentment phase, virtually eliminating the need to deal with collections.

An electronically submitted transaction settles before a paper based transaction, so Electronic Re-Presentment puts you at the front of the payment line. When a returned check is received in our office, it is imaged and presented electronically for clearing via the ACH to maximize the likelihood of funds recovery. Items are re-evaluated each time they are returned following an automated collection attempt. Our in-house collection service handles the recovery of checks that have failed to clear after two re-presentments.

NSF Check Recovery Service

Credit Bureau Data’s NSF Check Recovery Service is a traditional in-house collection service. With this service, checks are sent to our office for collection from the client rather than by the bank. Depending on the age of the check at the time of listing, a contingency fee is charged on the face value of the check upon collection. During the collection process, regular calls and letters are used to recover the check. Litigation is processed on the accounts that warrant suit.

Check Verification Service

Credit Bureau Data’s Check Verification Service searches a nationwide database of over 120 million checking accounts and alerts you if your customer currently has bad checks. The service also protects you from returned checks by identifying consumers who have recently been conducting an unusual level of check-writing activity.

Our Service Offers:

  • Low cost way to avoid bad checks before accepting them.
  • Customized program for your store.
  • Nation-wide database of check writers.

Quick Facts:

  • Lets you verify a check in real time.
  • Fast and inexpensive precaution at the point of sale.
  • Uses the National Check Network® (NCN®) database containing 120 million checking accounts.
  • Identifies negative data (accounts with unpaid returned checks).
  • Descriptive responses right on your point-of-sale terminal explain problems or warnings, if any.
  • High check volume is flagged to identify potential fraud accounts (data indicating unusual/suspicious use of account).
  • Easy for your staff to learn and use.

** Credit Bureau Data’s Check Verification Service does not verify a consumer’s account for funds availability.

Credit Bureau Data shares our bad check database with SCAN (Shared Check Authorization Network), which is used by companies such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, KMart, Nordstrom and thousands of other retailers to increase the likelihood of stopping bad check writers.

“Credit Bureau Data has a pleasant staff to work with and is a real asset to our collection efforts.”