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FAQs - Consumers

Can a collector call me early in the morning or late at night?
Early morning and late night phone calls are prohibited under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. A collector can only contact you by telephone between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Each collector is responsible for knowing what time it is in each region of the country so they do not call someone outside of the permitted hours.
Can a collector call me at my place of employment?
Yes, a collector can contact your employer for the following reasons — to verify employment or the amount of your earnings, or to communicate with an employer who has an established debt counseling service or procedure. Collectors can also contact an employer after a final court judgment has been made on the debt.
Can I pay my bill over the phone?
Yes, Credit Bureau Data offers multiple options for making your payment over the phone. We can do check by phone, credit card (Visa/MasterCard), an EFT or an ACH transaction. You may also setup bank transfers or wage assignments by phone as well.
Will my collection account be reported on my credit report?
When an account is placed for collection, you have 30 days to pay your account without it being sent to the credit bureaus. After 30 days your account may be placed on your credit report.
Can a creditor garnish my wages?
Yes, however, wage garnishment is a legal procedure in which a person’s earnings are required by court order to be withheld by an employer for the payment of a debt. The key to the preceding statement is the term “court order”. A garnishment of wages cannot occur without a judge agreeing to the garnishment. This means that some type of court action must occur. The creditor cannot merely attach or garnish your account without due process of law.

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